The Turtle news

Merry Christmas everybody !!! dezembro 26

Wishing you a great year

Playground bugs fixed ! February 26, 2017

Some bugs regarding the console focus while having multiple commands were fixed, happy programming :)

Turtle Academy is now available in Persian January 18, 2017

Turtle Academy is now available in Persian. Have fun coding :).

Happy new year 2017 January 1, 2017

Turtle Academy wish you all happy new year, may your wished and programs come true :)

Turtle Academy is now available in Traditional Chinese November 6, 2016

Turtle Academy is now available in Traditional Chinese, have fun coding :). 现在海龟学院有了繁体中文,乐趣更多,尽情享受编程的乐趣吧:)

New Turtle Academy version is out September 26, 2016

1) Improved device compatiblity
2) Faster
3) Fixed some issues with overlapping items in certain resolutions
Enjoy coding

Today we are starting a new school year September 1, 2016

Turtle Academy team wish you all happy coding :).
Teachers who want to manage their classes please contact us (it's free).

Changes on the site May 22, 2016

Hi all,
In order to let teachers to add their on lessons some changes have been made on the site, if something is not working as before please contact our support team

Happy new 2016 January 1, 2016

Happy new year !!!
We wish you all a very productive year , we are here to support and help in so don't hesitate to contact us :).
The Turtle Academy team

New badges December 6, 2015

Hi All,
Some new Turtle badges are now available
Coder - Created a program
Green Coder - Created at least 3 programs
Have fun coding :)

Good luck at school September 2, 2015

For all the student who start the new year , Turtle Academy wish you all the best.
Be great as you are and enjoy your new year.
For teacher - if you want to manage your class please contact us.
For all users - found some problem in the site , please report to us so we will fix it :).
Have fun !!!!!

New Turtle commands April 18, 2015

New Turtle commands have been implemented :
wait - will cause the turtle wait before continuing to the next command
setwaittime ,swt - will set the wait time
ellipse (Width , Height) -- will create an ellipse expecting Width and Height parameters
setrgbcolor (rgb), srgb (r,g,b) -- will set a new color expecting 3 parameters the amount of red , green and blue

New badges February 24, 2015

Now you can win more badges !!
Baby Turtle - completing the first step.
Green shield - completing the first lesson.
Brown shield - completing the first two lessons.
Red shield - completing the first 4 lessons.
Gold shield - completing the first 8 lessons.
Ninja program - program with more than 50 votes.
Teacher - given for Teachers.
Diligent student - given by the teacher.

Facebook log in February 14, 2015

Hello everybody,
Now you can log in using Facebook , please log in and create your own amazing programs

Community grows February 7, 2015

Over 10,000 verified users , and more than 20 schools are already enjoying Turtle academy. Help us to improve , any suggestions are welcome

Congratulation for the 4000 verified user June 17, 2014

Currently we have 4000+ verified users using and enjoying Turtle academy . The users have created so far more than 1000 programs , including commands which are not yet included in the lesson plan. Turtle academy is open for suggestion and request. If you have any suggestion please contact our support team

Cool new project designed to help children learn about technology and programming May 12, 2014

Mirobot is a DIY WiFi robot designed to help children learn about technology and programming. It's free and really cool , please check out the following : Mirobot

New Video lesson !! May 12, 2014

Thanks to Martin we can all watch Turtle academy video demo class on : Logo lesson

Now you can add your own programs November 3, 2013

Register users can add and edit programs , using a new friendly interface. Code can be written easily with line separation

Supporting organization users October 9, 2013

Any organization that wants to teach its students programming using TurtleAcademy can now enjoy the new "Supporting organization users" feature, for more details email us : .

Lessons available in German October 8, 2013

Now you can enjoy TurtleAcademy lessons in German. Go to lessons page and choose German language. Have fun coding !!

User Badges available. September 24, 2013

Hi Everybody, From now on you can win the Turtle badges. The badges will be given for doing a variety of activities. Badges for completing lesson , creating lessons , winning games , contributing the TurtleAcademy and more will be available in you own user profile :).

New topbar menu and lesson navigator September 6, 2013

Some adjustment made to make TurtleAcademy more user friendly. The improvements include new lessons navigation tool and changing the look of the top-bar buttons.

New updates will be up soon August 21, 2013

Currently we are working on some site performance and making the website more user friendly , updates will be lunch soon . We are going forward :)

Supporting registration process June 27, 2013

Now TurtleAcademy is fully supported the registration process in Chinese. What are the benefits of being a register User ?
1) Progress cross platform - you can login from a different computer and your progress is saved
2) Learn command are automatically execute when you log in - You tough the turtle some amazing command ?
no need to re teaching him.
3) Some lessons are only available for registered Users

New Lesson is up June 27, 2013

The Lesson "15 word challenge" is now up. The lesson can be viewed by logged in users only. You can register TurtleAcademy for free !!

Turtle news is up June 18, 2013

From now on you will find updates about site development. New lesson there were added , new features and games. All you need to know about the turtle will be available here !!