About the project

The project contains a client side learning environment and a compiler for the Logo Programming language.The project enables to learn the Logo language and programming principles and can be used for programming logo

Why was it done

My brother has been volunteering in a primary school in Israel for the past few years.He was trying to instill the basic programming skills in the children and he discovered that there are three main problems.The first is the language barrier (all the programming languages are using English and the children's do not speak the language ),the second issue is that currently there are not many online learning programs which address children.The third issue is the installation requirement of an appropriate programming environment in order to be able to start programming.For this reason we thought it would be a good idea to join forces and create TurtleAcademyThe inspiration for the project came from other projects like Khanacademy And a javascript learning project named Codecademy

Why to register

Save your progress - Your progress will be kept , and you will be able to see exactly which steps you have done before.

Remember your special commands - You can teach the turtle some new commands. See the lessons 'The turtle is learning' , in order for the commands to be save in your next visit you should be a register user

Special lessons - There are special lessons available only for registered users, cool lessons with cool features

Its free - The registration is for free.

Who we are ?

Name About
Lucio Webmaster and amateur ping pong player
Ofer Father of three , amateur entrepreneur
Amir Colnect master , uncle of six
Andy Feeding the turtle , Spanish section
Mona Yoga master , Chinese section
Oliver Father of twins, German section
Alexandre Decipher my fav things on the icons around me ; ) , Potruguese section
Ayelet Full time mother
Dana Tiger painter , likes to read lessons


New commands that have been learned will be saved even after the browser restarts
The turtle remembers the student's progress over time, allowing the student to follow his own progress
The drawing that appear below actually show live logo programs !

Contact us

Turtle Academy is open to hear any ideas or suggestion or problems.Please contact us.

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