1. Logo's turtle

Hello, I am Logo, and I can help you make some awesome things happen :) First let me show you around and explain: The box on the right is my drawing box. In the center of the drawing box is the turtle. You can control the turtle using Logo commands. With those commands you can use the turtle to draw beautiful shapes. You type in the Logo commands in the box below the drawing box which is also known as the command box. To start typing in orders please click the mouse inside the command box. To repeat previous commands we will use the up / down arrow keys on the keyboard. The first command you will learn will move the turtle forward. This command is simply called forward followed by a number. The number indicates how far the turtle moves forward. Let's try it:
Write down the command forward 50
We can make the turtle turn. The turn orders are left or right followed by a number. The words "left" and "right" tell the turtle which side to turn to. The number tells the turtle at which angle he should turn. A full turn , turning around at a full circle, is 360 degrees. A command to turn the turtle 90 degrees (a "right angle") to the right side will be right 90.
Make the turtle turn right
To turn the turtle backwards you need to make it take a 180 degree turn. In this case, there is no difference whether you make it turn to the left side or to the right side. Either way the turtle will be looking back the way he came :)

Turn backwards using the turning left command
The letter L is really easy to draw, and so is the inverted letter L. The inverted letter L will be just like the letter L  only upside down and backwards ;). If you'll notice, we are halfway drawing it already. If the turtle will move forward now, the inverted letter L will be completed.

Complete drawing the inverted letter L
Before starting a new drawing you can always clear the screen with the following command clearscreen
Clear the screen
With Logo you can type in a few commands in one command row, one after the other. You need to put a space between one command and the next. For example: forward 50 left 90.

Let's draw the inverted L, using only one command row that includes 3 commands.
Draw an inverted L. The lines of the letter should be 50 point each in length. Do so using only one command row that consists of three commands.

We can use shortcuts to some commands. Instead of "right" it's enought to write rt . Instead of "left" write lt instead of "forward" write fd instead of "clearscreen" cs . Now we can draw the inverted L using the short command.
Draw again the inverted L with three shortcut commands size 50 / 30.
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