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If the issues continue please contact us.


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My brother wanted to teach his son the programming basics using his own native language, so he came up with the idea of Turtle Academy.

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Turtle Academy does follow the EU data privacy law and is protected under the privacy shield.


If your account login is via Yahoo account or Google account, your password is the same as the one you use to log in to those services. You can reset your password directly through Yahoo or Google.

If you have a Turtle Academy account and forgot your password, visit http://turtleacademy.com/registration.php,
press on 'Forgot my password' and enter your email. A unique URL will be sent to that email address. Once you receive the URL link, click on it to be prompted to set a new password. If you do not receive the email, check your spam folder.

Badges are given for achievements:
Baby Turtle - completing the first step.
Green shield - completing the first lesson.
Brown shield - completing the first two lessons.
Red shield - completing the first 4 lessons.
Gold shield - completing the first 8 lessons.
Ninja program - program with more than 50 votes.
Teacher - given for teachers.
Diligent student - given by the teacher.

Yes, you can share your programs on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

On the top bar press Login/Sign up. You can sign up with your email address (a verification mail will be sent to you), or you can log in using your Google, Facebook or Yahoo account.


把海龟学院推广到世界的各个角落!你可以和他人一起分享海龟学院带给你的学习编程的热情, 你可以鼓励他人到海龟学院来体验学习编程的乐趣。



After you got the teacher's permission, you will see under you profile page "Manage my classes". Then you can create users for your students without providing an email address.
You can also 'Add a bulk'.

Yes. Under you profile, go to "Manage my classes" and click on "Add existing User". The request will be sent to the user and he will have to approve you as a teacher. In order to approve, the user should go to his profile, click on "My Messages" and then click on "Request" and approve.

Turtle Academy wants to enable everybody to learn programming. Therefore, you can add an unlimited number of users.

You might have some classes (e.g. third and fouth graders). After creating users, you can create groups and assign the students to their group.

After you register, please go to your profile page by hitting your display name. Then click "Become a teacher", fill in the form and, automatically, you will get the teacher permission.

Yes, you can. Please, send a .csv file to the Turtle Academy support with usernames, passwords and groups.
Notice that the username should be unique.

Sure thing. Log in and hit your username, afterwards click on "Classes", then on "My lessons" and start creating your lessons. After they have been created, please change the "Can be viewed by" to "All my students".
Notice: You can keep editing the lessons even after having published them.