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10. Colors and Printing

The turtle can draw in different 15 colors.The command for changing the pen's color is setcolor followed by the color's number.For example: setcolor 15
Set the color to color number 8 and go forward 50 points
We can use the command box to print messages.The command is print SOMETHING (the SOMETHING represents whichever word you'd like to print in you message). For example: the command print "pickaboo will print the word 'pickaboo' in the command box.
Print hello
The logo turtle has the ability to choose random numbers. The command is random followed by a number. The number indicated the range between 0 and that number.The command random SOMETHING will make the turtle pick a random number between 0 and SOMETHING -1. For example: the command random 15 will show you a number between 0 and 14. If you want to the turtle to show you a random number he picked, yoו can command him to print a random number. You should type: print random SOMETHING
Print to the screen a number between 0-15
In the previous lessons you learned how to choose a random number and how to change the turtle's pen color. Please combine these 2 commands together in this step.
Set a random color between 0-15 and then go 50 points forward
In this step we will just teach the logo turtle a new command. that command will help us further on.
Write the following command: to logocolor setcolor random 16 end
We can use the command we taught logo's turtle before in order to create a colorful square.
Create a colorful square that is 50 points long using a loop and the turning right command.
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